Chico Fire Chief closes Taj Majal #5 – should be interesting!

I suggested the Chico Fire Department reorganize, instead they have turned on the taxpayers like a bad pit bull.

Oh, sure, close the most expensive and highest profile station in town – “we’ll show them!” That’s the kind of genius, integrity, and above all, loyalty, that is attracted by these salaries we been paying.

But, it’s our own fault. We elected the city council, and they made the contracts that allow the chief to make budget decisions. He’s supposed to put out fires, instead, he wields the budget ax, swinging extra wide and sloppy when his department doesn’t get the funding levels he wants.

I think Chico Fire  heard the answer to Tom Lando’s survey – HELL NO, WE WON’T PAY MORE! – loud and clear. I think they’re pretty mad about it. They think they will punish us.

I think we’ll all find just how necessary they are. Look around Folks – any burnt out houses in your neighborhood? Not lately? Not as long as you remember?

Take a look at the Chico Fire logs sometime.  When I saw them, I was amazed at the number of false alarms.  I was also amazed that when they responded to a false alarm at the EV Free Church on Filbert Ave, they spent four hours helping to clean up wet insulation from a sprinkler malfunction.

Firetrucks with crews of two to four “technicians” routinely follow ambulances, as if they are of any service.   I”ve been told they often help carry patients – WHY?  Why should the ambulance companies, who charge dearly for their services, get free escort and labor from the City of Chico, paid for by YOU?

Chico Fire performs a variety of busy tasks simply in order to look busy.  That might be okay for a $50,000 a year worker, but we’re paying too many of these people $100,000 plus to buzz around town making themselves look useful when they’re just blowing fuel out their tail pipe.

I think the chief has made a big mistake.  At a time when more and more people are questioning the salaries, overtime and pensions these “public servants” are racking up, it’s ill-advised to play these little games.  The taxpayers just might find that they can fend pretty well without Station 5.

A friend of mine suggested calling the Fire Department at their office Downtown to let them know what we all think of the closure of this brand spanking new station, built during The Boom at ridiculous expense. Do you love that tower on top – I guess that’s for the days when electronic communication breaks down and they have to light a lantern to signal the other stations. Couldn’t they have their office in that? No, they have an office Downtown, $taffed all day by people who have nothing to do with serving you – they instead serve themselves. In fact, according to the message I got when I called, they serve themselves lunch from noon to 2pm! How nice!

That phone number is 897 – 3400. There is a message machine, be firm but nice, and speak clearly.  Let them know what you think of this ploy – do they really think they’ll scare us into increasing sales tax three quarters of a cent to pay their pensions?

Tell them what I told them – I think that location would be perfect for a coffee shop and a little store!