Scott Gruendl takes himself out of running for City Manager position

In a dramatic little speech last night during “Business from the Floor,” Scott Gruendl declared he has no further intention of seeking the city manager position with the City of Chico. 

To this I would ask, “can we have that in writing, with witnesses?” 

Here’s the link to the video, go over to the menu on the left and click on “Business from the Floor”.  It’s a very nice mechanism, very nice.

Gruendl is pretty mad about the fact that people would question his integrity. To this I must ask, what the heck are you doing in POLITICS if you don’t expect people to question your INTEGRITY? Silly boy.

I wasn’t questioning his integrity, I was questioning the procedures by which he was operating as a public official.  This is my right, and many believe, any citizen’s responsibility. You’d think I called him a “slut” the way he went off. 

You’re not allowed to question Scott Gruendl. That’s racist! 

But, I’ll hold Gruendl to his word. If he’s going to participate on that committee, he needs to dismiss himself as a city manager candidate, at least in Chico. 

On a serious note, I believe Gruendl’s performance last night is part of a pattern of behavior on his part,   to intimidate people out of participating and out of questioning his questionable actions.  All we’ve done is ask questions about the process, and he makes accusations of racism? Where the hell did that come from? He admits that he made public his interest in a position of employment without first advising his current employer, but blames his problems on the citizen who made his employer aware of the situation?

He’s just trying to throw dirt to distract us from what he’s doing. That’s the time to keep your eyes peeled, folks. 


You said it Ron!

Ron Paul’s got it right – government needs to get smaller.

We don’t need more taxes, we need to get the government monkey off our backs. Make that, Government Gorilla.

I’m already looking forward to the Tax Day Rally at City Plaza, April 15, an all day extravaganza guaranteed to have a little something for everybody. An opportunity to show our elected “leaders” that a diverse group can get together behind one common  theme: we’re taxed enough, but we’re not receiving the services we pay for.

In the meantime, you can write to city council, or write a letter to the ER or the News and Review, and make it loud and clear you will not support tax increases. We’ve got a proposal to raise our local sales tax, put a tax on our phones, and some kind of liquor tax I don’t even understand – all to pay these outrageous salaries, benefits and pensions.

I’ve got it on good authority that the money from Tom Lando’s proposed sales tax increase  can be used any way council sees fit, despite promises to save our schools, fix our streets, or  build a new baseball stadium. For Pete’s sake – I’ve sat in meetings and watched them transfer money from one pot to another to circumvent legal restrictions on usage, as easily as you lose a pea under a walnut shell. They’ll promise the public a bag full of rainbows to pass the thing, but they’ll use it to pay off the pension debt and cover the salaries they were paying out of the RDA.

Unfortunately, the City of Chico’s idea of “shrinking government” means laying off the lower level, lower paid employees that actually do the work, while leaving the talking heads that make the onerous salaries for doing nothing. So, we must unite in our demands that they rewrite contracts, cut overtime, and make employees pay their own benefits and pensions. Then maybe they’ll have money to hire some workers, ya think?

At any rate, we have to keep at it.   Please write those letters.

And, by the way, nobody comes to my blog to read about Scott Gruendl, I get the stats. People are far more interested in what’s going on out at the airport, so I’ll post some stuff I found out about  that when I get the chance. 

Scott, what we’d like to talk about is whether or not it’s appropriate for you to sit on a committee that is formulating the plan to fill your upcoming vacant seat. Don’t try to change the subject.